Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cold Porcelain - Proper Trials of Adapted Recipe

I went ahead and used my new cold porcelain recipe to make some pieces that I wanted to create moulds from – they were all about 1cm at their thickest point. The clay was fine to work with – smooth and pliable…BUT when I came back the following morning, there were cracks everywhere.

I did not dry them fast so that would not cause this. The thinner pieces – like the butterfly, had no cracks, but had fallen apart. I ‘glued’ it’s parts together with water.

So I cooked up a new batch of normal Cold Porcelain and mixed about 1/3 Normal with 2/3 New clay – made a second set of pieces…same problems.

Determined not to be thwarted, I then made a mix that was about 50/50 Normal/New…this made medium sized pieces and it had less cracks. The smaller butterfly was lovely – BUT I glued this one with glue and it still fell apart – Huh?!?

  • So my recommendation is, you can add a SMALL amount of Whiting / Calcium Carbonate to your cold porcelain and you will find the results are just a bit more of a buff colour and that’s all.
  • If you add it in any significant quantity, you may end up with cracks if you do larger items
  • Larger amounts of Whiting are fine for thin pieces or small items.

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paopasc said...

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greetings from Italy
Pesaro city

nimia said...

So very nice works... I hope I would be able to produce like these someday. Greetings from Davao City, Philippines

aguacateyfresas said...

Good blog! happiness!

NGDlover said...

Visiting you back and impressed by the way you make a cold porcelain, gee...I just know that porcelain can be made without burning !

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Hmm... I think cracks can be fixed if you put a bit of water on it then fill it up with new cp? Maybe try that... Tell me what happened!

finola said...

Yeah, it works with the smaller cracks, but the thicker pieces crack too much :) Might try a different glue in the recipe though - bout time I put some more on this blog :)

Meeeeeeeeee said...

Hmm... Any ideas on fixing the larger cracks??? Does "clag paste" work well? LOL... I'm think of starting an Etsy store... Any advice?

finola said...

Had to look up what 'clag paste' is :)

Don't think it would - I guess if you filled cracks as they grew and refilled you could save a piece but then if it's moulded and had detail it'd sort of defeat the purpose lol.

I think using the traditional recipe or experimenting further'd be best.

ETSY - only just got a shop, but my advice, join and sign up for their newsletters - there's SO much good advice from members on there - main thing I learnt is to list often and don't feel you have to start big, don't worry if it takes a while to get going with sales either.

Here's a link to my post with guest Etsians' advice:

Meeeeeeeeee said...

OK... SO I just have one question... How do you ship the items??? DO you just stick it in a parcel and send it to the address?? Which way is the quickest and most efficient?

finola said...

You're in Australia? That's a bit out of my area - I'm in Barbados, but you can find out from your local post office about their options and insurance and check couriers too just in case anyone wants one of your items urgently:)
I see many sellers including lovely packaging, but clean and safe is a must - recycled if you like - search packing on the Etsy site, they have some great info from sellers...good luck:)